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Paignton Chess Congress Simul

Chess veAdams, Paignton Simulnues don’t get much better than the historic Oldway Mansions and it was nice to have a wander around the gardens before starting a simul to commemorate the 60th year of the Paignton Congress.
I played against 31 opponents and had a tough time of it as there weren’t many games that I could put away quickly. Sensing that I was going to finish as punctually as Wembley stadium, I speeded up considerably and just about managed to conclude before the building had to close for the night.
As part of the celebrations Bob Jones has written a very well researched historical account of the tournament which is available Keverel Chess.  Many thanks to Alan Crickmore for organising the simul and many other events in the westcountry including the Paignton tournament for many years.  I enjoyed his son Neil’s wry commentary to one of his games in the book.


Michael Adams • September 29

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  1. Philip Lochhead September 30 - 16:51 Reply

    I really wanted to play in the Paignton Chess Congress. I even picked up an application form at my local chess club, but in the end I simply could not make it. I would have liked to play in the simultaneous against Michael Adams, since I could have learnt a lot from him. That game that he won against Magnus Carlsen a few days ago at the Olympiad was spectacular. I wish I had even a tiny fraction of Michael Adams’ ability.

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