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London Chess Classic Cross Table

London Chess Classic 2010

1Magnus Carlsen 2802*LLWWDWW13/21
2Viswanathan Anand 2804D*WDDDDW11/21
3Luke McShane 2645WD*DDDDW11/21
4Hikaru Nakamura 2741DDL*WDDW10/21
5Vladimir Kramnik 2791DDDL*DWW10/21
6Michael Adams 2723DDLDD*WD8/21
7David Howell 2611DDLDLL*D4/21
8Nigel Short 2680LLLLLDD*2/21

* The London Classic was scored using 3 points for a win 1 for a draw.

Sitemanager • December 31

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  1. Philip Lochhead February 7 - 16:14 Reply

    When and where will Michael Adams be playing in the near future? I should really like to know, because I like following his games.

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