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No, I haven’t become The British Ambassador to the US, but I was pleased and honoured to become an ambassador for the Stephens and George Charitable Trust. I recently had the opportunity to visit Caedraw Primary School School as part of their Chess in Schools programme, to give a simul and show some chess puzzles as part of another project I am working on. The simul comprised of children from several schools, and there were a number of strong young players including Alex, Tabitha, Rio, Anshul, Jack and Nellie. The last of the games finished just shortly before the playing hall was due to be transformed, in a spectacularly efficient and seamless manner, into the canteen for lunch!

I was interesting to learn about the school’s great success in Jaguar Primary School Challenge UK Final, a competition to design a 3D race car from scratch, where they won 4 out 6 the six categories. There was a strong crossover with players who were successful in the South Wales Megafinals of the Delancy Chess Challenge. It is interesting to consider whether the two activities improve each other.

Michael Adams • July 19

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