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Four Knights. Capablanca-Steiner

Hitching a Ride

I made my Bundesliga debut this season in the March weekend. My teammates had been doing excellent work in my absence and we have a perfect record heading into the final weekend. On Sunday morning I played Luke McShane again, we seem to have played quite often recently despite his work commitments. It was another…

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Winter Wonderland in Baden-Baden

From Gibraltar to Baden-Baden

Battle on the Rock I would have been pretty happy with 7.5/10 before the event, but it shows how hard it is to win open events these days that 4 players managed to amass 8 points. One of the special appeals of the Gibraltar tournament is the varied array of chess themed evening entertainment. One…

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Team Triumphs

With team chess in the close season in Germany and the UK I thought I would wrap up the end of the Bundesliga and 4NCL. Both leagues ended happily for my respective teams Grenke Leasing’s Baden-Baden and Wood Green. I had contrasting seasons, several weekends containing only draws in Germany, but a memorable win in…

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Baden-Baden Champions 2011

Bundesliga Champions!

One advantage of playing for a strong team is that is quite easy to win a competition without contributing much personally. So it was a pleasant change of pace to finish the German season with 2 wins in important matches v Eppingen and Werder Bremen and a decent score of 7,5/9. Much better than last…

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Bundesliga 2010-11: Rounds 1-4, 7

Bundesliga Round 1, Saturday 9th October 2010 SG Solingen OSG Baden-Baden (W) Chanda Sandipan 2641 1/2 – 1/2 Peter Svidler 2731 (B) Jan Werle 2574 0 – 1 Sergei Movsesian 2723 (W) Predrag Nikolic 2597 1/2 – 1/2 Etienne Bacrot 2716 (B) Markus Ragger 2628 1/2 – 1/2 Michael Adams 2728 (W) Romain Edouard 2636…

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