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Tromso Medal!

Just after I booked my ticket for this event, the organisers threatened to cancel it; later FIDE officials were menacing the same. Although this was obviously ridiculous behaviour by both parties so close to the Olympiad, it did a good job of expectation management for the event. The proximity of the airport, and most accommodation…

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Four Knights. Capablanca-Steiner

Olympiad Blues

Moving onto the chess, I think that if you had told me beforehand that I would beat Magnus Carlsen and we would place ahead of two Russian teams I would have thought the event had gone fairly well! However, it didn’t really work out like that; I got the team off to a bad start…

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French Cup Fortress

I enjoyed reading Eric Hallsworth’s columns on chess engines’ failings in 2 recent editions of Chess magazine and found that a similar silicon bemusement had occurred in one of my games.  It took place in the final of the French Cup, which was not my finest hour, perhaps affected by “First Game Syndrome” in my…

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