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French Cup Fortress

I enjoyed reading Eric Hallsworth’s columns on chess engines’ failings in 2 recent editions of Chess magazine and found that a similar silicon bemusement had occurred in one of my games.  It took place in the final of the French Cup, which was not my finest hour, perhaps affected by “First Game Syndrome” in my opening appearance for a new team. The word lucky is completely insufficient to describe the amount of good fortune I needed to win the game but the fortress possibility at the end is fairly unusual.

After the game I got the happy news that the football had finished 4-1 to Germany!

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Florida Hideaway

I have to confess I had a slight ulterior motive in playing the Chicago Open:  it put us in the right country to have a bit of holiday time at our condo in the Florida Keys afterwards! We really like the relaxed ‘island vibe’ of the area. it is a wonderful place to chill out, eating great seafood and doing the odd bit of snorkeling or fishing (although on our most recent fishing trip, between us we caught a grand total of zero fish! – well technically I caught a scorpion fish – which is not really what you’re looking for, (although it is better to encounter one when fishing than when swimming!) and Tara caught a fish so small it had to be returned from whence it came).

Notice the absence of fish on the end of the line!

We are always a bit sad on our last night in the Keys, so it’s best to go and watch the sunset with cocktails.
When I am sadly occupied with pesky chess games, we rent the condo out and if anyone is interested the website is Mention this website and we will make sure you get a good deal ;-)

Wish we were there...


Paignton Diamond Jubilee Congress

Sunday 5th – Saturday 11th September 2010. Michael Adams will be giving a simul on Tuesday September 7th at 19.00. More details at the event website.


Upcoming Events

Michael Adams will be appearing in the following events:
Turkish League – Konya, Turkey: Jun 29th – Jul 8th 2010
British Championship – Canterbury: Jul 26th – Aug 7th 2010
Gibraltar Masters – Caleta Hotel: Jan 25th – Feb 3rd 2011