[img src=]2010: Heidelberg, Bundesliga
Copyright: Hartmut Metz
[img src=]2010 OSG Baden Baden
Bundesliga Champions OSG Baden Baden Copyright: Hartmut Metz
[img src=]2001: Frankfurt
Chess Classic, Frankfurt 2001. Peter Leko, Michael Adams. Copyright: Tara MacGowran
[img src=]2003: Rekjavik, Iceland - Hrokurinn Tournament
During the Rekjavik Hrokurinn Tournament. Iceland, 2003 Copyright: Tara MacGowran
[img src=]2004: England Team
Men's Olympiad Team: Turin 2004. Luke McShane, Nigel Short, Jon Speelman, Michael Adams, Peter Wells, Mark Hebden, Allan Beardsworth © Tara MacGowran
[img src=]2005: Hydra
The Hydra match at Wembley Copyright: Tara MacGowran
[img src=]2007: Chess United, Sofia
far left Kamsky in goal. Nisipeanu, Sasikiran,Topalov, Adams, Mamedyarov turn out for Chess United on a free day at M-Tel masters 2007 © Tara MacGowran
[img src=]2007: Elista
Drawing of lots, Elista 2007. A white sheep means white in the first game! Copyright: Tara MacGowran
[img src=]2007: Elista
After the bus crash on the way from the airport. Copyright: Tara MacGowran
[img src=]2007: Khanty-Mansisk World Cup
World Cup, Khanty-Mansisk 2007. Michael Adams Copyright: Tara MacGowran
[img src=]2007: World Blitz Championship
The World Blitz at the GUM shopping centre, Moscow. Copyright: Tara MacGowran
[img src=]2010: Gibraltar 2010
Closing ceremony: Gibraltar 2010. Tim Bristow: CEO of GibTelecom, Natalia Zhukova, The Hon. Edwin Reyes: Gibraltar Minister for Culture, Michael Adams, Brian Callaghan: Tournament organiser Copyright: Tara MacGowran

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