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Tricky Timing

Michael Adams & John Fedorowicz

At the London Classic I got chatting to Daniel Parmet who kindly mentioned that he might be able to set up some events if I played in the Chicago Open again. I decided to give it a go as it was a good excuse to follow up with a Florida visit. He put me in…

Dinner at Providence

Toast-VIP-Dinner-Aug.-16,-2011-Loek van Wely - Tara MacGowran

Just prior to the start of the Metropolitan International in LA this August, organiser Ankit Gupta treated guests to what would have to rank as the best ‘Chess Dinner’ I have had the pleasure of attending at Providence in Hollywood. We were lavished with a 6 course tasting menus with matched wines. A picture is…

Armageddon Cheesesteak


The World Open was the start of a busy chess period for me. It had been nice to get a break in our condo in Key Largo but with kitchen renovations, sunsets and cocktails, Chessbase didn’t get much of a look in! Despite this, I managed quite well in the World Open winning a few…

Scenes from the World Open and 4th July Celebrations in Philadelphia

Pat's King of Steaks

MasterClass in LA

Summer Events

Sorry for the long delay without updates, I will try and wrap up the 4NCL and Gibraltar soon. A quick update to my calandar in the meantime – I will definitely be playing in the British Championships. Also in August, I am playing in the the 1st Metropolitan International in Los Angeles from August 17th…