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Team Triumphs

With team chess in the close season in Germany and the UK I thought I would wrap up the end of the Bundesliga and 4NCL. Both leagues ended happily for my respective teams Grenke Leasing’s Baden-Baden and Wood Green. I had contrasting seasons, several weekends containing only draws in Germany, but a memorable win in the key match v Werder Bremen which was helpful in retaining the title. I scored 5/5 back at home but all in matches that were not too competitive as Wood Green cruised home whilst out rivals floundered.

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Bundesliga Champions!

Baden-Baden Champions 2011One advantage of playing for a strong team is that is quite easy to win a competition without contributing much personally. So it was a pleasant change of pace to finish the German season with 2 wins in important matches v Eppingen and Werder Bremen and a decent score of 7,5/9. Much better than last season when my ‘contribution’ against Bremen was less useful. One oddity in the German league is that all games are rated on your ELO at the start of the season otherwise I might have gained a few more rating points .

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