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What should Black play in the position below? Click on “Read more on Plovdiv Puzzle” below to see the answer.
My Baden Oos team finished up 5th in the Eurocup exactly where we were seeded, highlights included the good performance of Jan Gustafsson who won the gold medal on board 6. If you are cleverer than me and know some German you might like to check out his website www.jan-gustafsson.com.
Arkadij Naiditsch’s win in the last round against Arman Pashikian was a very nicely controlled game in a pressure situation which won the match 3.5-2.5. However the score would probably have been higher had I found

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Canterbury seemed, to a rare participant, to be an above average venue for the British championships:  a nice town with a decent playing hall and reasonable accommodation available at the university.  The main drawbacks seemed to be the failure of the university to open any restaurants during the weekend, a move which cost them a lot of money as well as causing considerable inconvenience due to the lack of other options nearby.  Failing to keep the bar open on the last night as they had done on other occasions was probably also not financially astute.  During my longest stay on a campus my main problem was the extreme temperature in my room, until I managed to circumvent health and safety by acquiring the requisite Allen key to open the window more than a crack my room closely resembled a sauna.

Some of my games have already been annotated for the Telegraph, and others will appear in BCM and Chessbase but I will mention an interesting moment in my game with Richard Pert in the third round.

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