A Good Start to the Year

My blog seems to have been suffering from lethargy writer’s block but it is now up and running. I am recapping a few events going back to the start of the year, when by happy coincidence I managed to win a tournament. For a long time open tournaments were a rare feature in my schedule, but this year I have already taken part in three and have at least one more to go. In my infrequent appearances I seem to recall a history of good starts tailing away to insipid finishes often leaving me just short of the major prizes.Missed opportunities in rounds 6 and 7 of Gibraltar seemed part of a worryingly familiar dismal pattern, so it was a very pleasant surprise to stagger over the finish line in front. Gibraltar is by the way an excellent event with friendly organisation and very decent weather for the time of year and of course a chance to get up close and personal with the Barbary Macaques. I look forward to defending my title (sadly not something I can say often) next year.

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