French Cup Fortress

I enjoyed reading Eric Hallsworth’s columns on chess engines’ failings in 2 recent editions of Chess magazine and found that a similar silicon bemusement had occurred in one of my games.  It took place in the final of the French Cup, which was not my finest hour, perhaps affected by “First Game Syndrome” in my opening appearance for a new team. The word lucky is completely insufficient to describe the amount of good fortune I needed to win the game but the fortress possibility at the end is fairly unusual.

After the game I got the happy news that the football had finished 4-1 to Germany!

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  1. Philip Lochhead
    August 8

    I really enjoyed watching the live broadcasts of the games that Michael Adams played at the British Chess Championship. I hope that he will be able to post some of these games on his really awesome website along with his excellent chess analysis.

  2. Adrian Hillier
    August 5

    Hi Michael,

    Just wanted to say how much i am enjoying your new website.Been following the British and it looks like you have got your Mojo back.

    Great to see as i`ve been following your games for several years now since 2005.

  3. Philip Lochhead
    August 4

    This game from the final of the French Cup looks very interesting. I suspect that it was just as long and as difficult as yesterday’s bruising little encounter with Stuart Conquest at the British Chess Championship, which ended with a well-deserved win for Michael Adams.

  4. thanks for the post and good luck with the remainder of the british!

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