Canny Resemblences

I’m not sure Danny is the next Rory Bremner based on the clip below, although he has picked on some mannerisms. I remember Ivan Sokolov doing a very good impression of me during Leon 1995, but it was definitely alcohol assisted.

The Danny Gormally Show

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I was somewhat less recognisable in the clip below (I wasn’t involved in the filming in anyway), but I suspect it got a slightly larger audience. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the Gormally show catches up.

“Mickey Adams” on Coronation Street

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  1. Adrian
    November 3

    Followed games from your last two tournaments as much as work would allow.Was impressed with your FIDE Classic performance apart from losing that penulimate game.

    Just wondered when you are going to update your website.Look forward to seeing some of these games analysed.

    All Best

  2. Philip Lochhead
    November 1

    This is an interesting little opus.

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