London Classic Revisited

After my debacle last year, I approached the London Chess Classic with a certain amount of trepidation, but after a good start winning a couple of decent games against Gawain Jones and Judit Polgar things went considerably better. However, I lost to Magnus Carlsen, where I made one of the least excusable errors in chess allowing my time to run very low in a pleasant position thinking the position was too safe to lose. As some players in the candidates have also found the 40 moves in 2 hours time control without increment means you have to handle your clock responsibly or pay the penalty. I then scored a rather fortunate victory versus Viswanathan Anand, but it was nice to beat the World Champion! I slipped up against Luke McShane in a lengthy struggle, generally well played by both players but I have highlighted a couple of key moments where we went wrong.

It is great to have such a special event in London and just as pleasing to see the evolution of the Chess in Schools Charity which supports the event, making massive strides with an ever increasing number of coaches and pupils involved. Malcolm Pein has also pulled off a great coup in securing additional funding of £689,000 from the Education Endowment Foundation.

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  1. I didn’t know there are so many names for so many chess strategies and tactics. I never played seriously, only played as a hobby. But after reading this blog I learn new many things of chess and I can play better.

    April 26

    wd you suggest that Club players stick to only 1 opening?

  3. Tony Blades
    April 26

    Thanks for a vg blog. It gives club players a useful insight to the world of GMs!

  4. HARP
    March 30

    Thank you for the update Mr. Adams. You had a good tournament in the London Chess Classic. Shame you are not in the London Candidates to give that bit of British interest. Do you think anyone other than Magnus is destined to become world champion?

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