Sing-a-Long at Hay

It’s not often that you get to experience chess set to music. Mickey and I made a visit to the Hay Festival on the final weekend. For me it was a happy chance to wander about, taking in a bit here and a bit there of Hay’s unique atmosphere popping in and out of lectures and glorying in a nice sunny day. For Mickey it was to take on challengers in The Telegraph tent at Blitz. Here’s where is got weird and wonderful – the other Telegraph tent guest that that day was Cerys Matthews giving a lovely intimate performance of songs from her new book Hook, Line and Singer: A Sing-a-long Book while chess fans were blitzing it out with Mickey a couple of feet away. Chess and sing-a-long: is this the next chess-boxing?

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  1. Ronald Fucs
    August 8

    Wonderful job in Dortmund! Now say something about it, we want to see your comments!

  2. David Johnson
    August 6

    Many congratulations on your fantastic win in Dortmund.
    I was delighted for you.

  3. July 13

    Thanks for sharing Tara, nice to virtually meet you !

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