Blues Blast from the Past

As I have gotten somewhat behind with the website I thought I would write something about current events before returning to the distant past. We have been on holiday in the Florida Keys for a while now and had the chance to catch some of the annual events, which for us are rare. The Blues festival at Bayside Grille Sunset Bar headlined by Mac Arnold & Plate Full O’ Blues was too good to only see once, so we went back for seconds the next night. The band WPOS had a singer who frequently changed his outfits including top coats and wigs in the 35C heat, we sweated just watching him. Later his guitarist sang Funky Cold Medina, it wasn’t as good as the version I remember Mike Wilder performing whilst waiting for a tube after a late night at the Watson Farley Williams tournament, many years ago but it was nice to hear it live again. The following day we checked out the “1st Annual Hogfest” at Hog Heaven in Islamorada, though surely it remains to be seen if it turns out to be annual. Hog Heaven features a mechanical pig and a killer view. Having seen so many unusual things I thought perhaps I should try and produce something even more rare some new posts involving chess on my website….

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